Omaha Lawn Care

Lawn care and maintaining a lively green yard for you, no matter the size, is something we are incredibly passionate about. Although "we do more than just mow lawns" we do take mowing quite seriously, and it's a big part of what we do. We want Omaha and the surrounding communities to be as green and fresh as possible! Mowing is an important part of that.

Mowing takes place every 7 to 10 days beginning in early April and continues through late October-- or otherwise directed by you! Care will be taken to maintain a healthy root structure, which helps avoid yellowing and scalping. 

We will pick up minor trash and debris before mowing. Excess grass clippings will be removed from lawn areas as well as walkways and curbs. Grass around all common area trees, shrubs, buildings, fences, light poles etc will be trimmed during each visit. All mulched landscape beds will be kept free and clear of grass clippings.