How To Get Rid Of Bagworms

Bagworm-- what a lovely a name right? Bagworms are moth-like insects that love junipers spruces and evergreens just as much as we do. However, they don’t get satisfaction by looking at them--because they don’t have eyes-- their satisfaction comes from eating them. In this post, we’ll go over exactly what these little creatures are, and more importantly how to get rid of bagworms.

The 12 Best Summer Flowers To Plant For Color

Summertime brings a whole new vibrant energy to each of our communities. Everyone comes out of hibernation, you start to see your friends more often, and patio soirees become a thing again. The landscape turns brighter, colorful flowers begin to bloom...and you’re at a loss for what to plant in your yard to brighten things up. Well, summer annuals might be your answer! So let’s talk annuals.