Groundscapes was co-founded in 2002 by husband and wife team, Nick & Lori Heimann. We are an Omaha landscaping company that specializes in planning, building, and nurturing custom landscapes and outdoor living spaces.

We've created a specialized team of knowledgeable and skilled hardscaping and landscaping professionals that are eager to handle any outdoor project. We always look forward to fabricating any innovative ideas that you might dream up. We create outdoor living spaces beyond your imagination and we are proud of it.   

Our projects are generally within one hour of Omaha, and our showroom is located in La Vista.

Our Certifications 

certifications (1).png

It feels like there are new landscaping companies popping up every two minutes-- and they typically last about two minutes. That's not being mean, it's just the truth. Landscaping is HARD and takes A LOT of work. So much work, that people will half-ass things, cut through loops and do a crappy job. Even if you don't choose us, we don't want that for you. A good way to tell who is legitimate and who is not is to ask about their certifications.