Why should I choose pavers over concrete?

It is almost inevitable that concrete will crack at some point in time. Common causes of cracking are when the base moves due to heavy loads or settlement, and the fact that concrete tends to shrink over time.


Concrete can also crack as a result of the expansion and contraction caused by freezing, thawing, and other changes in the weather. The reason contractors place joints in concrete pavements and floors is to encourage the concrete to crack in a neat, straight line at the joint.  But this doesn’t always happen, and cracks can appear at random anywhere across the surface


Interlocking pavers solve all of the problems described above, and are appropriate for any paving application including patios, pool decks, driveways and walkways.  Because pavers are individual units the natural joints between each paver will “give” with pressure, expansion and contraction, eliminating the cracking inherent to conventional asphalt and concrete pavement.  Installed over a minimum of a 6’ crush base and a base of sand, pavers actually increase their structural capacity over time. One of the biggest advantages of pavers is that if a repair ever does become necessary, pavers are manufactured to be uniform and can therefore easily be replaced without leaving ugly patches or scars. If you decide to ever expand your project the addition will be seamless and match your existing patio.


Can I shovel/plow my paver surface?

Since you have chosen to install pavers as your hardscape product and it has a durable impact value, YES absolutely you can use a shovel, snowblower and snow plow.


There are no issues with this on a properly installed paver driveway. Because of the uniform height of pavers, a properly installed paver driveway or patio offers a smooth surface that won't typically snag shovels, snow blowers or snow plows.


What type of warranty or guarantees come with an installation by Groundscapes?

If you have chosen Groundscapes as your premier hardscape contractor, you can rest assured that you are working with a company that has all of the latest knowledge in hardscape products, and has all of the proper certifications and training to install the appropriate products for your application.


This said, Groundscapes offers a lifetime warranty on the installation of your paver patio, unless un-forbearing circumstances occur, then your representative will notify you if the lifetime warranty of the pavers would be null and void.


If I install a fire feature what cost will be incurred with running it?

A properly installed fire feature has been tested for leaks and adjusted to the specification of the application it is installed in.


The feature should only cost approximately $1.00 per hour to run on the low to medium setting and approximately $3.00 per hour to run on the high setting.


Why should I build a custom kitchen or hearth vs a prefabricated version?

When choosing to design your own custom kitchen or hearth you can ensure you have a one of a kind piece that no one else will have.


You can choose your layout, stone preference, appliances, or lighting preferences. When going with a pre-fabricated design you will never know if your neighbor will eventually have the same concept as you have in your yard.

Is there any maintenance involved with retaining walls after it has been installed?

Yes, with the new installation of a retaining wall there will be some very minimal maintenance involved with the upkeep of your wall.


To ensure the wall is efficiently draining properly we ask that you just check to make sure all drainage tubes and pop ups are kept clear and free of leaves, debris and trash. This will ensure that the water is flowing correctly and the wall is draining properly.

What is the difference between installing a water feature with a liner as opposed to a basin?

Whether or not you choose to install a water feature you have two options for your insert. Plastic basins have typically been used as the common practice for the water storage return for water features.


Over time this plastic basin breaks down, cracks, and leaks as all plastic does. When this event occurs, you will need to tear apart your feature, replace the basin and then reconstruct your feature; which can get costly. When going with a liner as your option you can rest assured that there will never be a need for replacement as our liners are made of 45 mil epdm flexible material, which means it is a highly durable flexible rubber material that can withhold an extreme amount of pressure as well as being flexible in the severe weather and cold. Also, the liner can be smoothed out over the final grade of area to provide return flow back to the water storage area and prevent overflow of water. A basin does not have this capability.

What certifications is it important for my contractor to have?

We suggest that you do some seriously looking into of whatever contractor you use. It is highly important to make sure your contractor is extremely knowledgeable in what they are doing.


In the landscape industry it is important to have several certifications. We recommend that your contractor be certified by ICPI, NCMA at a minimum. It is also good to check their BBB membership rating as well as see if they are on a preferred vendor referral list with their main distributor.




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